Grit Ruhland

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"Die späten Jahre Dresden und die 80er Jahre in Wuppertal"
(The late years Dresden and the eighties in Wuppertal), 2009

Museum Baden, Solingen

The awareness of life in the years before reunification, was what people are talking about in 11 Audio-interviews. All recordings were callable through the audio-guide system of the museum. Die Dresden series arose 2006 in collaboration with Jutta Büschkes. This material was expanded by the "western"-perspective of Wuppertal in 2009. All narrations were accompanied by fotographies, showing self-chosen items of the interviewed people.

Deputy failure, 2009

Museum Baden, Solingen


Videoinstallation, that is consisting on the footage of a performance in estonia 2006. The theme: a dozen protagonists are trying to fly a kite without wind.

Installation "Aue" (floodplain) and series of texts and drawings, 21 x 14,8 cm, pencil or typewriter on paper 2007-2009

Galerie der Stadt Remscheid

All notes are narrations about processes and report about conditions, attributes and events. The raised hide tells about men shooting at roes in the dusk, the field about the machine it was cultivated with, crown corks about a party, the egg about the bird and its figure about its song. Reality and possibilty become blurred. Every thing is about something. What is it all about?

The installation "Aue" consists 98 Din A4 digital-prints, taken from a pencil-drawing size DinA5.

transducer, 2009

Audioperformance approx. 60 min


A quintett of soundexperts was "scanning" the city-scape by electro-acoustic instruments - transducing urban textures into sound onto five channels around the project-space Motorenhalle Dresden. transducer was facilited by MAK nite. During 11th and 12th of september 09 this series of actions hosted by MAK (MUSEUM APPLIED ARTS) VIENNA was going eastern europe by "Loving the Alien *", and therefore had its guest performance in Dresden.

"Silence is an idea. There is no silence. There are sounds, always. City-sounds now: rowing, grumbling, hissing, roaring, clattering ... from traffic, people, dogs, crickets and speech.

Have you ever listen to a builing? Sidewalk? Fence or mural? Not meaning the echo, the reflection.

Silence creates noises. They come and go. Even now.

We will make noises ... playing architecture into sound. Transducing material-structures into musical ones and replay them into the whole soundscape. You can be part of this while you are following us. Be aware, that every sound you make, is part of this performance. Try to percept all sounds you can hear. Every sound from now on ... "

protagonists: Marco Miersch, Uljana Rogashina, Grit Ruhland, Peter Venus, Norbert Vallinas

Instruments: 5 electronic amplified pickups (wood, carbonfiber-stick, contact-microphon, speaker, batteries, electronics)

Apex (First), Heathland (Heide), Floodplain (Aue), 2009

Writing several dairies, which I regard as conceptual, textual work, I recongnized a special aspect of my descriptions: sites (and people at their sites). This topic is a central issue on my various (intermedia) works - it offers different possiblities of engagement. Poetic-texual, visual-formal, acoustic-architectual, but also social-conceptual and philosophical-abstract.

Protagonists of this series of narrative memory-drawings are entities on sites in urban or rural landscapes - "real" or fictional. I exclusively draw from my memories. A fragile process, that needs a relative option of contemplation. The choice is, what stays is in my mind. Sometimes dreams or tales are inventionary base of a drawing.

Due to the fact, that the poetic texts are drawn up in German, but most of the audience was english-speaking, I visualised the process of transforming on language into the other. Also the translations are not meand as poetic text itself.

Texte (typewriter, paper, pencil) and drawings (Pencil on paper)
Size: 14,8 x 21 cm